Greg Plitt

Greg answers your questions about steroid use, cover shoot training, and more!

on May 20, 2008

(2) The cover shoot with Erika was a real high for me, not because of the exposure of doing a cover (which is wonderful, make no mistakes about it) but for me, this cover was extra special because I was able to do it with a good friend where I got to see her come into her own. I haven't known Erika very long, but in the short period of time, I have noticed that her confidence in herself isn't as healthy as it should be. I think Erika is beautiful and has so much to offer the world and to see the transformation of her being worried about the shoot and preparing for the shoot to her confidence growing during the shoot and afterwards seeing a glow in her made me want to get up and cheer for her from the roof tops. To see one grow in strength, mental strength, in themselves, and confidence is such an amazing sight. The cover shoot will forever be stored in my thoughts as one of my favorite shoots for she humbled me and taught me so many valuable lessons of life that I don't think she even knows about. Thank you, Erika for a memory that I will forever look back on in my memories with a huge smile and warm heart. You have so much to be grateful for as you are truly blessed and a wonderful person and I am honored to call you my friend!

(3) Peeler's dismissal from the show might have been brewing for three years through trial and error between Jackie and Brian and I am not here to cast an opinion on whether his departure was warranted or not. All I want to do is take a snapshot of the incident and compliment Brian Peeler on being a man of character. I am not talking about the particular incident -- I have my own reserved feelings towards that -- but I want to talk about a more general situation that Brian found himself in and applaud that way he reacted. I am a man of honor and integrity and try to always do what is right, whether it is in my best interest or not. Brian was in a situation that caused him to come to the crossroads in life where he had to make a decision between his personal career and the honor of his friend/client. What impressed me so much about Brian is that he put defending the honor of his friend above his own personal agenda and gain which is the character that leaders should be made of. Far too often, people come to the crossroads and choose a path based on popularity, personal gain, or degree of less difficulty. Brian came to the path and choose a path of integrity, honor, and character that will ultimately lead to the building blocks that makes for a leader of higher ground. Brian, it was a breath of fresh air to see the strength of your character in a questionable time rise to a level few ever do. I thank you for being a role model for all of us as you taught us the meaning of true friendship. Please stay the course as friendship will make you wealthier then any monetary value can.