Jackie Warner

Jackie talks relationships and kissing on camera!

on Apr 10, 2007



What do I have to say about episode 4? OMG! In order to get unfiltered reactions, I watch episodes of the show with personal friends and we were all dying over this one. First off, you can't imagine how uncomfortable it is to have chemistry and kisses on camera, but I obviously managed to do it -- ha-ha. I was surprised at the decision to allow so much racy footage, and whoever cut in the cheesy piano/sax music needs to leave the production! (Just kidding, Lauren.)

My relationship with Rebecca and Tiffany is so sweet and honest. They both give me different things but first and foremost, I have a great deal of respect and caring for each them. The support and concern I've received from fans for my love life is very touching, but there is no need to worry for me. I am doing fine and having a lot of fun. I have been a lot of women's "first time" and I always keep those women in my life as dear friends after the fact. Society allows women more freedom to experiment than it does men. I live in Los Angeles and I really have never met a woman that hasn't experimented with their sexuality - no joke! So, in my world, bisexuality is pretty common. Does anyone notice that I chose to date two women who are strong communicators? Hmmmm... This is a quality I will never go without in ANY relationship again.