Jackie Warner

Jackie talks about her relationship with Rebecca, and Jesse's reaction.

on Apr 3, 2007


My friends and I wanted to do something fun, besides just another dinner party. And one of the girls had mentioned that we should have a girls night, a slumber party. I just thought it'd be fun to mix things up a little bit. And I'd heard of these two women who were these conservative southern belles on the outside, but who would discuss certain "issues" normally. I thought it would be fun. Tiffany totally schooled me at the batting cages. I still think I was set-up. I had to crouch down to hit the ball, and then.... (I'm kidding, I'm being a bad sport.) I was shocked, because I played softball in high school, I'm athletic, and I couldn't hit that ball. And the more frustrated I became, the worse I became. But I can lose to somebody. I was a little grumpy, but all in all, it was cute.


We got to see Zen talk about us at the Laugh Factory. Think about it. When we're taping the show, all she eats and sleeps and breathes, as we all do, is each other. We are constantly forced to deal with each other, and be around each other. and so what else would she be talking about? Good comics always talk about their own life experiences, and right then and there -- that's what she was experiencing. Which brings us to Rebecca and I.