Jackie Warner

Jackie talks about her relationship with Rebecca, and Jesse's reaction.

on Apr 3, 2007

First of all, It wasn't completely out of left field. Rebecca and I had been flirtatious in front of the other trainers, but we decided to be a little bit more open about it. I think that when it looked like she and I had feelings for one another, and it was no longer just a cute thing, I think they became a little jealous. Jesse in particular -- because there's always a weird thing between the best friend in new relationships.



Jesse's reaction surprised me because he was very heated, and it gets worse. It kind of damaged us a little bit, because I felt that he got increasingly mean about it, and I didn't quite understand what was going on with him, but it looks like he really felt displaced. As for dating in the workplace -- first of all, I think people date in the workplace constantly, and there are several examples of successful people who have dated or even married their secretaries, or co-workers. But it's rare to see a woman, in a position of power, who will date in the workplace. And I think what is shaking people up so much is that I'm doing things that men do all the time, but I'm a woman. And I really think that's an issue with people. Second, I'm running a gym. I'm not running a corporate-structured, strict, rules rules rules environment. Those trainers, they've dated clients, they've dated each other, it's a very easy-going, flexible, sexy atmosphere, and people need to understand that. I'm in the gym all the time, it's the only time I have to meet people


What everyone has to understand is that Rebecca and I developed a relationship off-camera. Over time. And that's important for us to say -- we had a relationship that developed off camera and we then decided to share it with the nation. Stay tuned.