Jesse Brune

Jesse talks about the retreat and Deenie's demons.

on May 13, 2008



I have to say that I am glad to be over last week's episode. I have decided not to comment on Brian Peeler's dismissal. All I will say is that I feel like it was a shame how the entire situation went down. I suppose, as it is said often around these parts, it makes for good TV, right? (I feel icky even saying that!)


Onward and upward...

So, the retreat. It was a beautiful ocean-side resort that Jackie chose this year. I loved the atmosphere. The only thing that was missing was my beautiful boyfriend. No offense to my co-workers, but I greatly prefer to see his face first thing in the morning.

We kicked the Sky Labbers asses. There was no fancy editing or television magic ... those poor clients were beat to living heck I tell ya! LIVING HECK. I feel as though this is the time to re-iterate the fact that I absolutely adore my client, Natalie. Her heart and drive through this entire process inspired me and I know it will inspire you too. Keep your eyes on this one!