Jesse Jordan

New trainer Jesse Jordan gives his first impressions of fellow trainers!

on Apr 22, 2008


I feel like I am watching the show like one of the fans. It's surreal to get an inside look at what was going on behind-the-scenes before I was there and what people actually say about you when you are and are not around. I have to be honest -- I never saw Work Out before being part of the show and I had no idea of the drama I was walking into: Jackie and Rebecca, Peeler and Jackie's alpha dog drama, and I unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting Doug. Before I even get into the excitement of being part of this show and finally being introduced in this episode, I want to say that out of all the receptions I have received about my presence on the show, there were none more than comments about what an amazing spirit and bright light Doug was. I know I am the new gay trainer on Bravo but in no shape or form am I replacing Doug -- I could never. I wish I had the pleasure of knowing him.

So let's talk about the episode! Selfishly I will talk about my own experience first and then comment on what I thought of those crazy trainers. First of all, I do not want to sleep with Jesse! I love the kid but it's a brotherly love. Besides his usual catty comments -- which I admit are witty -- he actually made me feel comfortable right away. Not that we don't bump heads later but I guess you will have to watch. Jackie on the other hand had me sweating. She is not an alpha male like Peeler says but she is the alpha dog. She is not someone that I felt comfortable with right away and I usually can find that quickly with people. She doesn't take shit from anyone and she demands full attention and respect, and maybe Rebecca was right when she said Jackie is a control freak, but I think thats what makes Ms. Warner a success. It seriously took me months to start cracking jokes with her and see the softer fun side (alcohol helps!).