Jesse Jordan

Jesse discusses Peeler's departure.

on May 13, 2008

And what an INTENSE therapy session. To realize these peoples stories and journeys they have been through. I know people want me to talk about Deenie and comment on her smoking, hurt ankle, and excuses BUT Deenie eventually finds her way. Sometimes we have to hit bottom to see what others are seeing to change. Denial is a powerful device. I was so proud of Shannon for sharing her heartfelt story though. Shannon is not a victim. Her family has had to deal with a handicap but have turned it around into an inspiration. Her husband and her daughters have the same strength and determination that Shannon emits. I have so much respect for the efforts and persistence they put forth. What an amazing family. We can all be victims, but we can make the decision to pull ourselves up and look at what our options are. We can all be fighters! Thank you Shannon!