Lisa Skyles

Lisa says a big thank you to Work Out's fans and production team.

on Jun 12, 2008

I'm very happy to report that Jackie has wrapped up her first ever week long SKY LAB in Pismo Beach this past week. The SKY LABBERS not only achieved amazing weight/body fat loss results, but learned maintain a balanced lifestyle of exercise and diet. SKY LAB is the baby of SKY SPORT and I'm so excited that lives were changed because of the program and that I could be a part of that. Kudos to all of the participants that returned from the retreat this week and continued their workout program with our trainers. I'm hoping I can be a bigger part in the next SKY LAB Retreat in August -- of course it all depends on whats on my plate at SKY SPORT! Thank you to my wonder trainers at SKY SPORT -- ERIKA, REBECCA, AGOSTINA, and GREGG BUTLER for all of your hard work and continued dedication. Thank you to Sky Lab Client Shannon for being "REAL." I'm so proud of you. YOU DID IT BABY!

Thank you to the trainers NOT featured on the show for working around the filming schedule and your dedication to your clients. Thank you to my friends, TOM and KODY of CAKE and ART in West Hollywood for their hard work and dedication to create a perfect protein bar for SKY LAB. A big thanks for creating the MY GIANT PRINCESS CUPCAKE CAKE for my birthday! Thank you to my family for actually watching the show ( I think they did?) Thank you to Hillary and Sammy in production for our "girl" talks and fun times. And to ALL of the Production Assistants for dealing w/my silly behavior.

Thank you to the Hyatt in Century City for the AMAZING treatment during my surgery and forgiving us for using the luggage carts to roll me around! FUN! Thank you to ARI ARAD for his kindness and generosity and trusting me with his baby rottweiler, Jabba, my nephew baby!