Lisa Skyles

Lisa says a big thank you to Work Out's fans and production team.

on Jun 12, 2008

Thank you to Brenda Lowry and Andy Cohen of BRAVO/NBC Universal for your support. Oh yes, and Monica who has the painful task of reading and editing my blogs! SORRY! Thank you to all my friends at CAFE FLORE in Beverly Hills for the outstanding catering and food delivery service, hugs 'n' many kisses. Thank you to Alexis Borges of Next Model Management in Beverly Hills. You are my rock! Thank you to the nurses and office staff who cared for me during and after surgery. GOD BLESS YOU!

Thank you to ALL of the fans of the show. Without you we would be nothing. A super big thank you to all of the viewers that I personally spoke with - you are all a true inspiration to me. XOXO

And the biggest thank you is to Jackie Warner for hiring me to help run her growing empire. No matter if we disagree or agree with any behaviors of Jackie, she is the reason that ALL of us have had this opportunity. My deepest gratitude to her for this amazing opportunity to be a part of herdream!

If I left anyone out, please know that I'm very blessed to have all of the love and support in the WORLD from you. May all of your hope and dreams come true. Remember: HOPE IS A GOOD THING, MAYBE THE BEST OF THINGS AND NO GOOD THING EVER DIES. Be yourself and NEVER let anyone or anything bring you down, steal your dreams or make you think you are anything less than awesome. Ya'll know how to reach me if you have any questions regarding the DVD, SKY LAB retreat No. 2, Jackie's shake, and training at SKY SPORT!

Warmest Regards and Love,