Lisa Skyles

Lisa warns her coworkers about dating Jackie!

on Apr 22, 2008

Everyone is leaving and it's rather bittersweet. I get the chance to hang out with the SkyLabbers. Man, they all have mind-blowing stories to tell. Deep down I'm relating to each and every one of them. At this point of filming, Jackie is struggling with my "Sugar Addiction" and has literally had to lead me out of my favorite cupcake store in West Hollywood ... over the phone. WOW -- I'm realizing that I too fight similar battles as the SkyLab group. I'm enjoying getting to know them whether its walking side by side on the treadmill or taking a "SUNFARE" break in my office. I will be honest, I have made money as a realtor and selling high-end luxury vehicles, but NOTHING compares to helping one person realize their dreams and goals. I'm stocking up on plenty of Kleenex because I see lots of tears in the future, tears of joy, victory, and setback as they embark upon their journeys. I'm excited to learn all about the fun on the cruise.  I miss my lil' monsters - Rebecca's sunshine and giggles and Erika. I'm hoping there is a Gucci or Prada store on board. If not, a good spa. Ha!

The boys in a Mud Run? It sounds sexy and hilarious at the same time. Will Greg P take his shirt off? I'm sure! And I would be a liar if I said that I wouldn't get excited. Muscles and mud -- tasty combination! My brother from another mother Gregg B will probably break out some amazing tunes while running! His vocals are simply amazing. The sparks were flying at the cruise boot camp! Oh my, if that is any indication of what's upcoming on that ship,  things are going to heat up! Welcome aboard mates, batten down the hatches, secure the lifeboats, and strap on your life vest because this cruise will either be The Love Boat or Titanic, so stay tuned ...

XxOo, Lisa

P.S. Zen wanted me to give you all a shout-out and say, "Hi and thanks for the love and support." She is doing fabulously and has many different projects she is working on in addition to her busy training schedule. xxoo