Lisa Skyles

Lisa apologizes and responds to all the haters.

on May 6, 2008



Unless you're some kind of saint, you've probably at one time or another said or done something unkind. Maybe out of fear, envy, greed or pettiness, you've dumped on somebody you shouldn't have. Well, folks -- I did just that. I made the following comments about Jamie Eason: (1) I questioned if she had breast implants because they were very perky and perfect. I remember looking down at my aging boobs and thought about considering implants, and (2) I questioned who she was in general because she was doing some hard-core workout with Brian. That is all I said ... PERIOD! I totally owned up to it and personally apologized to Jamie, her boyfriend, and Peeler. I apologized for the exact words I used immediately after her boyfriend walked out of the office. Her boyfriend was totally cool and understood, but wanted an apology from Jackie and not on behalf of her, as he overheard her making comments as well. I believe Jamie and Peeler wanted the same, which is why he confronted Jackie in her office. My "confessional" was emotional and overwhelming because I felt so bad for what I said even after I made amends. At that time I also learned that my sister who is suffering from systemic Lupus and attempted suicide, and my hair was coming out in clumps due to stress. I have suffered the repercussions of my actions and if the blame wants to be placed on me, then so be it.

The best thing about the situation is that I got "love" back from Jamie and Peeler. As manager of the gym and medical facility, I make mistakes -- BIG OL' BURLY ones! The best thing about a mistake is the ability to OWN up to it and learn from it. If you don't, then that says something about your lack of character. Since the event, I have spoken to many high profile business people in Beverly Hills and have taken their advice on how to handle the situation. I learned that it isn't uncommon for things like this to happen, but it is rare that people take full responsibility for it and not blame others. Yes, it was immature. Yes, yes, yes. Guilty as charged! So I'm totally prepared for the butt-whipping, nasty words and hate mail. Bring it on, as I deserve it.