Lisa Skyles

Lisa apologizes and responds to all the haters.

on May 6, 2008

I have finally had time to read fan comments and I just want all of you all to know that I'm totally appreciative of all comments -- GOOD and darn right nasty! Positive and negative feedback works hand and hand because both make me strive to change and do things better. So thanks to everyone, and to the ones that refer to me as being "overweight" with love handles -- you are sooo right. I do have a sugar addiction and because I've been working six days a week for 10+ hours, I'm skipping meals. NOT GOOD. I've learned to embrace fitness again, as I was a gymnast, swimmer, driver, and soccer player growing up. I'm not any different from the Sky Lab crew because my road is long and hard. For those that find me worthless and boring and hope that I will be off next season, thank you for at least voicing your opinion. I love making others smile and laugh, --sometimes it can be considered as drama. Usually the jokes are about me because my life is pretty much a comedy on its own. While filming this episode, I tripped over my big feet, cleaned gym with my skirt and stilettos, bumped my head into a machine, had a piece of my hair extension hanging off my head, didn't lock the bathroom door behind me (I will leave it up to you to figure out), slipped off my chair onto my butt and demonstrated my lack of coordination and rhythm in the gym dancing to my techno music. I'm one big klutz, but to say the least, entertaining. Sky Sport is a different kind of gym atmosphere where everyone feels like family. I know when a client is having an awful day, suffering a loss, or any other issue. We are serious about our training programs, but at the same time like to have fun and add a sense of "being at home" to the mix. I found that through my daily funny mishaps that people laugh and it takes the pressures and cares away -- even if only for a moment.

I had the blessing of being able to work out with clients and usually I'm the one left huffing and puffing, like Shannon and Tyra of Sky Lab -- they kicked my butt on the treadmill at 15% incline (I'm gonna get you Peeler!!!) I know he enjoyed my pain, but in the end we all related to each others' strengths and weaknesses. They encourage me and vice versa. We have even shared tears together. When a client confesses about personal issues that are so deep, it's a good feeling they know they can trust me. Clients are shocked sometimes to get a call from me to simply wish them a good day because it's not normal for people to actually care. I can't tell you how many roads I have pulled off of on to talk to a Sky Labber that was having a major issue. Yes -- they can call me at anytime because tough times usually occur outside of gym, so I want to be available. I love that the trainers are usually hanging out or stop by my office for a roaring chuckle or to have heart-to-heart conversations ... OK -- and sometimes a little bit of good gossip!!!

Yes -- I do respect my boss and I'm loyal to her. I do my job and do it well and at this point I have not taken any time off and give it 100% everyday. I am the one in charge when Jackie is away and filming. Some trainers like my decision and some hate it, but they know that everything I do is for their benefit. I also respect myself and know where I came from and where I'm going, but on the other hand, I don't allow anyone to take advantage of me or throw me under the bus. Yes, for the final time, if crap is going down at Sky Sport, then Jackie needs to know. It's not brown-nosing, kissing butt, or being a snitch. It's called loyalty. I don't need or have to do underhanded things to get respect. I bust my butt every day to help folks and with that -- I earn respect. "To whom much is given will be required" is how I think of my duty as manager.