Lisa Skyles

Lisa apologizes and responds to all the haters.

on May 6, 2008

I really don't even know my purpose sometimes on the show, so I feel y'all haters that are confused as well. I guess to create some controversy, which seems to be working. I do my best to portray an image that is truly me, not a fake facade or claiming to be perfect. Sorry, you will not find me drunk or making out with my boss or making excuses. Yes, I'm a wannabe -- a wannabe winner, survivor, and motivator. Most importantly, improve many things about myself, including the ability to keep my blasted eyes open during filming as I'm a little camera shy. I'm oh so proud of Erika -- does she look hot or what? I will tell you that she was sooo disciplined getting ready for the shoot. Every time I called her, she was on the treadmill. Greg P. might have eyes for her ... but who the heck wouldn't? You go girl. You are a superstar! Greg B. My brother from another mother! Wow -- that was some explosive stuff we went through with Deenie. I'm proud of how diplomatic you handled it. You have miles to go before you sleep with regards to training Deenie. Just don't use the words "love and affection" during the process. What a mess that got me into. Holla!

Agostina and Erika: Thanks for all of the fitness advice and taking the time out to train me. I know I'm a tough customer, but I figure if anyone can handle me, it's you two. I hope you will continue watching and please keep up the good comments and bad. Everyone is in need of self improvement and change. Please note that I'm not looking for sympathy or to turn people that obviously hate me into my friends. I will make more mistakes and fail, but that comes along with the road to success.

So enjoy the show and look for crazy stuff to unfold with the Sky Labbers, trainers, and of course ... Jackie. Thanks again to Brian Peeler (BP) and Jamie Eason for the love and support, and I wish the best for both of your careers!

P.S. To the blogger that said "who wants to hear from the boring secretary- and next from the janitor": I'm not the secretary -- we don't have one. We have a phenomenal office team. Also, the janitor(s) are not called that. They are maintenance professionals that add to the fun at Sky Sport and keep the gym clean and safe. Please be respectful of their professions. I'm sure they have a story to tell that would knock your socks off! You guys rock. Watch for more lunacy next week!

XxOo, Lisa