Lisa Skyles

The past episode was hard for Lisa to watch...she explains why.

on Apr 16, 2008



That episode was painful to watch ... painful knowing that it's the beginning of many good and not-so-good things to come. It's amazing how in so little time, alliances and enemies can be created. I was definitely getting a feel for some of the trainers and Jackie in this episode. I would say the difficult part is NOT to get involved when I'm in the center of activity whether I like it or not. I'm not sure what I have really signed up for. One thing I do is shoot straight from the hip (which I have a lot of!) and when Jackie told me that Brianna moved into her house soon after they met, my initial reaction was a song by Kanye West -- Gold Digger! I think Jackie was still seeking comfort and maybe she was blindsided and needed companionship? Jackie gives from her heart 100% it seems like. I'm the same way, which usually means we get hurt. She seems happy, so hopefully this is a good sign of things to come ... right after the U-Haul! What the hell??? I'm calling Jackie "fat" and I'm looking pretty "chunky" myself. I'm not pleased with the dress I'm wearing at the restaurant when Jackie gives trainers their Sky Lab clothes -- I had to wear my Dolce boots and I thought that dress would be cute on camera. NOT! Speaking of the clothes-: I didn't get a damn thing! So I was a little pissy in the end .... Erika is so funny and super sweet. I'm just getting to know her in this episode. That's one classy BIAAATCH! She likes the finer things in life and she makes no bones about it. I smell a friendship, a sisterhood here!