Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca's tired of being called passive aggressive!

on Apr 29, 2008



Well, well ... what a fun episode! I thoroughly enjoyed bouncing back and forth between the boys and the girls ... from mud-wresting to cruising, and back to the mud. I certainly had my share of laugh-out-loud moments during the hour. Doesn't Jesse have the best one-liners? "Craaamp!" He absolutely cracks me up. My face lights up when his mug comes into frame. I can't say that I reacted quite that way last season!

Moving on to something not so funny, I honestly do feel awful about getting into Jackie's "alleged" hooking up business. It wasn't my place to get involved in something that was between Jackie and Renessa. I should have kept a private conversation private. Jackie doesn't involve herself in my business because if it isn't about her, it doesn't concern her, and that's the truth! When all of this was going on, I was quite peeved with Jackie, and acknowledge that I was acting out. But if I have to hear that woman call me "passive aggressive" one more time, I am going to shoot myself! Maybe there is a drinking game that I'm not aware of, where everyone has to do a shot every time Jackie calls me "passive aggressive," or says that I "require a lot of attention." Play that game and you'll be smashed before the first commercial! I get it, I really do,  but move on for crying out loud! Speaking of drinking games ...