Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca talks about her emotional connection with Jackie.

on Apr 10, 2007



I was really interested to see how the sushi scene was going to play out this week. I thoroughly enjoyed watching myself talk with a full mouth of food...good times!  When Tiffany came in I thought it was odd, only because it was all trainers, but I was honestly not bothered for a second. Jackie and Tiffany have a history and I respect what they share. There is zero jealousy between us - it's more playful banter. No spite or contempt...EVER!



Emotionally, Jackie and I are very connected. I can only speak for myself, but I was happily exploring this newfound admiration that I had never experienced prior. The trainers' reactions in retrospect were somewhat understandable. I didn't really appreciate the approach that Jesse took in questioning us -- it felt very dark. Like he was coming from a place of jealously rather than concern for his "best friend."