Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca prepares her mom for kissing scenes!

on Apr 17, 2007



Again, thank you so so so much for your comments. I read every single one and I appreciate the heartfelt feedback. I watched last week's episode in a sports bar in Vail, Colorado with my mom. It was so cute because I had to give her the heads-up before any kissing scenes so she could prepare herself. I think it's unnatural for parents to watch their children make-out on national TV. I asked her if it would be as unsettling if it were a man I was kissing, and she said yes. I get it. I would sooner lay down in traffic then watch my parents or any other family member passionately kiss ANYONE. EWWWW! But I digress, back to episode 5!


Oh joy, another scene were I'm stuffing my face! Is it as fun for ya'll to watch me eat as it is for me? I've noticed the camera crew really likes to zoom in on my mouth when it's full. Not sure what that's about really, but something to look into. So here we are on a romantic (hee hee) date. These scenes are always prefaced with cheesy intro music ... so when the score changes ... I find myself thinking ... UGH! Here we go! About the scenes with Jackie and me, I do like our scenes together because they are completely representative of how we interact. My time with Jackie is so effortless we often forget about the cameras. The chat about my use of acronyms made me giggle. Currently there is a radio spot running for a wireless company and the mother is yelling at her daughter Rebecca Lynn (which happens to be my middle name) to stop speaking in acronyms. I about crashed my car when I heard this!