Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca describes her Work Out nightmare!

on May 29, 2008



I am genuinely at a loss this week ... I'm digging deep for something to say in this blog, but regrettably, I come up empty-handed. So, I decided to throw my regular structure (or lack thereof) to the wind and will use this public forum to give some MAD props to the following people in this week's episode. Please note that these folks are in no particular order. Wait, Gregg Butler is at the top for a reason ... he's super-fly. Mr Gregg Butler. Stellar performer. Stellar musician. Stellar man. I am the president of his fan club, so get in line behind me! HUMONGO FAN, G.B.!!! I love you, family!

Jackie's mom. Her full-on social discomfort = great entertainment from the couch in my living room. Maybe not so entertaining from their house in the Hills at the time, but it looked good from here. Maybe a little too good. Hee-hee. Props to the stars that were aligned that caused the family visits to coincide. With the meeting of the moms, for a moment I thought I was watching the new gay Bachelorette! Wrong network! My bad!

Dr. Shirley, for having such perfect hair throughout the seasons. That's right, Dr. Shirley, I'm giving you love even though you used some psychobabble earlier this season and referred to me as an "energy vampire." Say what? Aren't they a metal band? Who knew you were into that? Rock on Dr. Shirley, and here's some positive energy for you: Great hair, lady!