Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca talks about Jackie, Peeler's fight, and body fat!

on Mar 27, 2007



I love how this episode starts off with the break-up of Jackie and Mimi. It's nice to have that dark part extricated. And then Jackie can start off fresh. I think that will resonate with viewers. For people who are wondering about Jackie and me, we come together in this episode out of absolute respect and camaraderie. I think that, also, because of me opening my eyes to the lesbian world. It's a really welcoming environment. It's something I've never experienced before. I have questions; and I'm asking them. That's sort of what happens with Victoria when she comes to train with me. But before that, going out with Jackie into that world was very fun. We have a playful sexual energy starting to happen. Was I aware of it developing at the time? I think yes. When we're together there's just a natural flirtatiousness that comes out. She's very adamant about not crossing any line because I'm an employee.