Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca talks slumber parties, sushi dinners, and PDA!

on Apr 3, 2007


The slumber party was a riot! We had so much fun laughing at that southern belle talking to us about vibrators and arousal creams. She was like a sorority girl from "Ol' Miss" gone bad. I loved what Zen said about the raciness running in my family!! It's too funny and oh so true! I was really proud of Zen for her performance at the Laugh Factory ... she was so brave to get up there and she really commanded the stage. There is definitely a sense of family among the trainers and though we may disagree often and loudly ... we truly want the best for one another.



The sushi dinner following the Laugh Factory was interesting. I felt very much in the hot seat ... my favorite seat in the house! I don't have much to say about that -- I was loving watching Jesse come unraveled. Is that wrong? It WAS difficult watching my first kiss with Jackie ... we watched this together and were screaming and covering our eyes! It's just plain weird to see yourself kissing on TV. Its kinda like when you're in a bar sober and you see people making out and your thinking, "Ugh, how gross. Get a room."