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Rebecca Cardon

A Pain In My Arse

I started watching this week's episode and thought, "Ooook good ... the focus is on the SkyLabbers and nutrition as it probably should be, right?" Don't get me wrong- I thoroughly enjoyed last week's episode with all its juiciness, but it felt a ...
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Overcome By The Events That Transpired

This is my favorite episode to date. I usually receive each episode by FedEx before it airs. It gives us time to process and write these blogs. Normally, I find myself ff'ing through some of the slower bits. Well my friends, not this week. My fin...
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We Even Fight Healthy

Before I discuss the events from this past week's episode. I want to briefly address some questions that continuously come up. Regarding the oh-so-fun topic of Jesse calling me a slut for the second time now. This verbal tirade wasn't bothersome...
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