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Zen Gray

Zen Responds To Your Questions

Hi everyone! Thanks for posting all your comments and questions. You can always find me at myspace or my website, but I'll do my best here :) OK......
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I Had A Blast

"Reunion" is a strong word for people that see each other everyday. Don't you think? But alas, the term has that certain "je ne sais quoi." I had a blast filming Season 2 of Work Out and I hope there is a Season 3! In the meantime, please contact...
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Make A Happy List Right Now!

I am so proud of Carol! When all the SkyLab clients were weighing in with panicked looks on their faces, I was a bit smug. I knew Carol had lost weight. She had not only been training hard with me, but we were in constant communication via phone ...
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A New Beginning

I love that Jackie is giving herself a new beginning this season, being newly single. And in the midst of her own life-change-euphoria, Jackie has created SKYLAB: A super intense training program aimed at helping others change their lives through...
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