Zen Gray

Zen answers questions that viewers have left on her blog.

on Jun 7, 2007

Hi everyone! Thanks for posting all your comments and questions. You can always find me at myspace or my website, but I'll do my best here :) OK...

Stacy, motivation is the most powerful force in this whole "eat right and workout" equation. You need a motivational strategy, whether it's a personal trainer, workout buddy, family member to check up on you, etc. You need to stay accountable to SOMEONE if you have trouble staying on track. Good luck, baby... you can do it!

Tom, go to acefitness.org to check out certified personal trainers near you.

lisapatti, I know they're good, but you gotta save the peanut M&M's for the weekend. You don't need stomach exercises... you need to drop body fat... and the best way to do that is to kick that wonderful sugar addiction you have. I'm not saying NEVER eat them, ok? Just wait for the weekend and then you won't have to feel guilty :)

Doug Silverman, we all have emotional connections with food and exercise. You have got to change that first and realize that you deserve to be loved. YOU DESERVE GOOD LOVIN' MAN!!! Know what I'm sayin'? (wink, wink) It's also been proven that MOTION creates EMOTION. So, look at it this way... start smiling. Then you'll FEEL like smiling. Same thing with working out. Start working out... then you will FEEL like working out!

Hey Spudster! There are TONS of great workout tips in the body by bravo videos. You'll have to check with your doctor or physical therapist about specific exercises for that back, though. I can't do it over the internet.