Zen Gray

Zen answers questions that viewers have left on her blog.

on Jun 7, 2007

Charlene, again you've got to get your doctor or physical therapist to help you with specific exercises. BUT, your diet is going to be key with your weight loss! If you can't afford a nutritionist, make sure you're eating small portions every 3-4 hours and they consist of lean protein and carbs (fruits, veggies and whole grains). Eat whenever you're hungry... but eat the good stuff. If you're not used to eating smaller portions, it will take your stomach about a week to shrink. (A portion of chicken breast is about the size of your palm. A portion of veggies is about a cup or a fist size. Just eyeball it.)

Leisa Carr, believe it or not, you're one of the lucky ones! You know what you want to do. You KNOW your dream! Most of us are just flailing around trying to figure it out. So, you need a plan, that's all. Sit down and write out what you want to accomplish... and what you need to make that happen. For example, you want to stop smoking. Other people out there have done it, so you can, too. Right? Perhaps you need a patch, or gum, or hypnotherapy, or just a rubberband around the wrist to snap if you have a craving. Just keep trying! It's not about falling down. It's about getting back up! And if you don't know the person can help you with your tennis dream, then write down what TYPE of person can help you and you'll be amazed at what happens. Good luck!

Karla, please contact me and leave your email address so I can motivate you! OK, I'll continue answering your questions soon! Thanks again for all your love and support!

Health & Happiness,