Body Fat Testing. Do Over!

Brian has the lowest body fat?! Andre reacts.



Well, it finally looks like Jackie is done with Mimi. I have been in several co-dependant relationships so I know how hard it can be ending them. Kudos to Jackie for being strong in her personal life, she needed to get out of that before it became more volatile. The introduction of Jackie's Skylab was awesome, this is what its all about: helping individuals with mental scars overcome past failures and helping them to change their lives. Doug and Jesse: The feud continues and Jesse just doesn't want to let it go. Finally, after a discussion with Jackie, Jesse grows up. I understand how upset he was, but it was good to see him be a man and squash the bitterness so we all could become a team again.


Jackie and Rebecca. Not too sure I am fond of bosses hanging out with their employees. It never ends well, and the person who usually loses is not the boss. Rebbeca is also an adult. If she really wants to go there I am sure she can handle whatever Jackie has to give.



Body fat testing. Can you believe Brian had the lowest body fat? Hell no! Retest please. Something is up with that and I want to get to the bottom of it. That was some b.s! Jackie and Brian can be two hotheads, but Jackie is the boss which usually means she will get the last word. I knew Brian was pissed after the confrontation with Jackie at her party, because he immediatelty started to turn red. Seems like I am always in the middle of Brian's quarrels. It's all good, though. He is my boy, but I am not going to lose my job for him.

It's A Wrap

Gregg explains how he manages to stay out of the drama!

It's a wrap. That's all for this season. It's been a fun season and I am grateful I had the pleasure of taking part in it. The trainers will keep training, Jackie will keep making new products, and I'll keep on rockin'. I'm not sure what the future holds for all of us, but it's sort of cool everybody has their something. All of you out there reading this, just keep doing your things too.

Everyone asks how I stay out of the drama, and the truth is I don't know. Maybe I don't hold animosity towards anyone or maybe I just don't care enough to argue, either way I am always having a good time and look at the brighter side of things. I have always been very focused on the things I find to be cathartic and haven't much cared for the rest. It hasn't always proven to keep me in everyone's good graces but it has however kept me ultra focused.

So I hope you all enjoyed seeing me work it out a little like Greg Plitt and his mayo concoction. You may be wondering what happened to Victoria at the reveal. Well, she booked a job in NYC and had to leave Los Angeles a few weeks before the reveal date. I hope she is staying with it and doing well. She lived almost wo hours away from the gym and we were having a hard time getting regular workouts in, but she was definitely focused on her loss. Stay up, mami.

So thank you to everyone who watched us this year. Be sure to check out the music and be sure to keep living it up. Hopefully, we'll be seeing each other again soon. Holler to all of the trainers who I don't get to see all that often and big love to all of you.

Much Love, Dig it?
Gregg Butler
Oh and PS ... it wasn't "als" it was "21's"