I'm Never Misunderstood

Jackie talks about her relationship with Rebecca, and Jesse's reaction.



That's what's so odd. Peeler and I just keep missing each other. Usually, I don't have these misunderstandings with my employees, but Brian tends to be more sensitive about my opinion. Maybe it's me, but he and I definitely butt heads. This episode deals with the emotional aspect of working out. I've been with clients that have cried, that have laughed hysterically. The body is very tied into emotion. And the two are so connected, that if you work the body very hard, many times emotions just naturally come from that. It's a common experience, and really just something that a good trainer has to learn to deal with, and learn to deal with well. You have to maneuver around it.


I have to say, watching my therapy sessions on TV is miserable. I'm always a little angry in therapy, because I find the cameras very intrusive. I agreed to do it. I agreed that it would be great, I thought it would help people, and even though I allowed it to happen, it's still very uncomfortable while doing it and especially while watching it. Because it's your most private place. It's hard.


My friends and I wanted to do something fun, besides just another dinner party. And one of the girls had mentioned that we should have a girls night, a slumber party. I just thought it'd be fun to mix things up a little bit. And I'd heard of these two women who were these conservative southern belles on the outside, but who would discuss certain "issues" normally. I thought it would be fun. Tiffany totally schooled me at the batting cages. I still think I was set-up. I had to crouch down to hit the ball, and then.... (I'm kidding, I'm being a bad sport.) I was shocked, because I played softball in high school, I'm athletic, and I couldn't hit that ball. And the more frustrated I became, the worse I became. But I can lose to somebody. I was a little grumpy, but all in all, it was cute.


We got to see Zen talk about us at the Laugh Factory. Think about it. When we're taping the show, all she eats and sleeps and breathes, as we all do, is each other. We are constantly forced to deal with each other, and be around each other. and so what else would she be talking about? Good comics always talk about their own life experiences, and right then and there -- that's what she was experiencing. Which brings us to Rebecca and I.

First of all, It wasn't completely out of left field. Rebecca and I had been flirtatious in front of the other trainers, but we decided to be a little bit more open about it. I think that when it looked like she and I had feelings for one another, and it was no longer just a cute thing, I think they became a little jealous. Jesse in particular -- because there's always a weird thing between the best friend in new relationships.



Jesse's reaction surprised me because he was very heated, and it gets worse. It kind of damaged us a little bit, because I felt that he got increasingly mean about it, and I didn't quite understand what was going on with him, but it looks like he really felt displaced. As for dating in the workplace -- first of all, I think people date in the workplace constantly, and there are several examples of successful people who have dated or even married their secretaries, or co-workers. But it's rare to see a woman, in a position of power, who will date in the workplace. And I think what is shaking people up so much is that I'm doing things that men do all the time, but I'm a woman. And I really think that's an issue with people. Second, I'm running a gym. I'm not running a corporate-structured, strict, rules rules rules environment. Those trainers, they've dated clients, they've dated each other, it's a very easy-going, flexible, sexy atmosphere, and people need to understand that. I'm in the gym all the time, it's the only time I have to meet people


What everyone has to understand is that Rebecca and I developed a relationship off-camera. Over time. And that's important for us to say -- we had a relationship that developed off camera and we then decided to share it with the nation. Stay tuned.

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Not Much Left To Say

Jesse thanks his fans, family, and friends, and wonders what's next.


I don't have much left to say. Every time a season ends I am left with the thought, "What's next?" To be honest, I have no idea. Watching this season made me realize what one can do with an opportunity such as the one I was given. To reach a widespread audience is a gift, and I feel I was able to take advantage of the gift and help people gain faith (not pounds) that we all have the means to transform our lives. I continue to change and grow and it's not always easy. There are times I want to hide under the covers, but I don't. I face whatever I need to face. Sometimes I get knocked over, but I'm pretty good at picking myself up. At this juncture I have to thank those who help me up when I fall. My beautiful boyfriend or partner or whatever we call ourselves these days, Calen, inspires me everyday with love. My sister, Bethany, always keeps me on my toes. And Natalie, who reminds me that no matter how many times we lose our way we can always get back if we have faith and practice diligently every day.

I am so grateful to have had this season to share with all of you!
Peace and Blessings!
Xxx, Jesse

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