Always Leave Them Wanting More

Meet Renessa, the new trainer who works hard and plays hard!


Great to meet you all! I'm truly honored to be a part of Sky Sport and this new season of Work Out. As if filming the show and working at such an elite club wasn't enough of a "trip," I now realize that my journey is only just beginning! This has been a tremendous experience, full of surprises you won't believe and jaw droppers you don't want to miss.



This first episode left me wanting more and I lived through it! I'm honestly dying to see what happens next -- Ha! As for my role, I work hard and I play hard. And I'm not afraid of what others might think of me. I do what I want. I'm just a good girl with a heart of gold, a great friend and mother, intelligent and fearless, but mommy has a wild side. Career-wise, I love training, and I'm really good at what I do. It's a rewarding career, in more ways than one. My life is right where I want it to be right now and the future looks bright. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I do. Thanks, and see you soon!

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