Gregg discusses the issues he's had training Deenie.



Oh man. Ridiculous. My face hurts from rubbing my fists into it while watching this episode. Another crazy week and I swear some people try to make me even crazier. Son of a bitch ... I can't believe this situation with this Sky Lab client. Let me first make it clear that I was less than five minutes late to the session Deenie and I had this on camera confrontation. (Helpful Hint #1:The client should always do some cardio while they wait for his/her session to begin.) I had been to another session where she was 20 minutes late to arrive. That being said, we seemed to have a mutual understanding. We both have lives and neither one of them is revolving around the gym. Time things can happen. I have never canceled an appointment with a client nor have I ever canceled a rehearsal with a band. I bring that good stuff every place I go. It's ... I don't know, just part of being super duper fly, I guess. In doing that there's a certain amount of expectation I have for another person's effort in the time we've both committed. In the three or four workouts I really had with Deenie, after we were delayed a week on her getting approval from a doctor, she would complain about EVERYTHING I had her do. "It hurts too much" or "This doesn't feel good to my ankle" were her favorite complaints. It got tiring very fast. MoFo, please.

She would often make suggestions on how exercises might be vastly approved with slight augmentations. I wasn't having that. No. Not at all. I appreciate the show makes me look like a really nice guy and I am for the most part. Just don't make me mad or, worse yet, please don't make me hate you. Because then I am not a nice guy. No not at all. You know how most cliche rock stars like to break shit when they get mad ... that's because it's true and I am no exception. Deenie turned me off to enjoying our time spent together quicker than, um, something fast. I'm sure your boy g dot b dot will ... make it work, right ... mofo please.

Peeler got fired. Notice how when we all find out I am smiling like a jackass. That's because I don't think it's at all true. I thought Erika and Becky were up to their normal curious hijinks. It was really just a matter of time. Peeler is a bright guy and is very ambitious, also a friend. Also Jackie is my friend ... so my position ... whatever. Don't have junk-measuring contests with your boss -- it will never end well. Ever. May that be some food to live on. Really it's all Lisa Skyles' fault. I'm just kiddiing. Everyone, have big love for Lisa. I do -- just like the camera loves Erika. Her "Body Karate" -- hmm ... sounds like a band name.

I'm out yeah boy g dot

It's A Wrap

Gregg explains how he manages to stay out of the drama!

It's a wrap. That's all for this season. It's been a fun season and I am grateful I had the pleasure of taking part in it. The trainers will keep training, Jackie will keep making new products, and I'll keep on rockin'. I'm not sure what the future holds for all of us, but it's sort of cool everybody has their something. All of you out there reading this, just keep doing your things too.

Everyone asks how I stay out of the drama, and the truth is I don't know. Maybe I don't hold animosity towards anyone or maybe I just don't care enough to argue, either way I am always having a good time and look at the brighter side of things. I have always been very focused on the things I find to be cathartic and haven't much cared for the rest. It hasn't always proven to keep me in everyone's good graces but it has however kept me ultra focused.

So I hope you all enjoyed seeing me work it out a little like Greg Plitt and his mayo concoction. You may be wondering what happened to Victoria at the reveal. Well, she booked a job in NYC and had to leave Los Angeles a few weeks before the reveal date. I hope she is staying with it and doing well. She lived almost wo hours away from the gym and we were having a hard time getting regular workouts in, but she was definitely focused on her loss. Stay up, mami.

So thank you to everyone who watched us this year. Be sure to check out the music and be sure to keep living it up. Hopefully, we'll be seeing each other again soon. Holler to all of the trainers who I don't get to see all that often and big love to all of you.

Much Love, Dig it?
Gregg Butler
Oh and PS ... it wasn't "als" it was "21's"