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Make Me Over 316

S3/EP16 |
Aired: 11/19/2019
Working mum Kamilla has 3 jobs and no time to spend on her hair and make up. Meanwhile, outdoor instructor Matt needs help smartening up his act. 43:24

Make Me Over 315

S3/EP15 |
Aired: 11/11/2019
100% Hotter, stylists Karen, Dan and Mel are called to action to help buffed up babe and bodybuilder Nancy get glam and take student Dan from boring to bold before he moves to Canada. 43:23

Make Me Over 314

S3/EP14 |
Aired: 11/05/2019
Stand-up comedian Dominique has nothing to laugh about when it comes to her dowdy dress-sense. Davey is desperate for a style he can wear in the workplace in which he’ll be taken more seriously. 43:24

Make Me Over 313

S3/EP13 |
Aired: 10/28/2019
Hannah has a bubbly personality and is able to shine on stage, but offstage she hides beneath her basic black outfits. Mother of two Molly has lost herself since having kids. 43:24

Make Me Over 312

S3/EP12 |
Aired: 10/22/2019
Hoodie lover Luxshanaa hides her bootilicious body beneath baggy layers. Matt is old before his time, dressing in boring, bland black and white. 43:24