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Make Me Over 314

S3/EP14 |
Aired: November 5, 2019
Stand-up comedian Dominique has nothing to laugh about when it comes to her dowdy dress-sense. Davey is desperate for a style he can wear in the workplace in which he’ll be taken more seriously. 43:24

Make Me Over 313

S3/EP13 |
Aired: October 28, 2019
Hannah has a bubbly personality and is able to shine on stage, but offstage she hides beneath her basic black outfits. Mother of two Molly has lost herself since having kids. 43:24

Make Me Over 312

S3/EP12 |
Aired: October 22, 2019
Hoodie lover Luxshanaa hides her bootilicious body beneath baggy layers. Matt is old before his time, dressing in boring, bland black and white. 43:24

Make Me Over 311

S3/EP11 |
Aired: October 15, 2019
Jodie is about to turn 30 and is fed up with the style she’s had for the last 10 years. Plus, young mum Keshia craves one thing – she wants her sexy back. And 19-year-old Danielle hates her freckles and wants them covered. 43:24

Celebrity Special 310

S3/EP10 |
Aired: October 7, 2019
Celebrities in dire need of a transformation ask the public to rate their sex appeal. 43:24