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Lewis and Kasey

S2/EP7 |
Aired: June 18, 2019
The stylists use their expertise to help to transform a tantastic twosome who both like to draw the line - on themselves. 43:24

Jessica and Kyle

S2/EP6 |
Aired: June 14, 2019
The stylists take on two extremely different challenges - a woman whose life is ruled by her make-up regime and a hell-raising goth whose look scares children. 43:24

Taylor and Becky

S2/EP5 |
Aired: June 4, 2019
Taylor's multi-coloured rainbow unicorn is so out-there that she is struggling to find a job. Magaluf party girl Becky has turned to harsh domestic products to remove her tangerine tan. 43:24

Daniella and John

S2/EP4 |
Aired: May 28, 2019
Daniella arrives in a red PVC number that leaves little to the imagination, while John admits that all creativity goes into his drag alter ego Ava. 43:24

Kiki, Ben and Cindy

S2/EP3 |
Aired: May 28, 2019
The stylists set to work on Kiki who favours the fairy-tale princess look, and her fiance Ben who rocks a goth king image. 43:23