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Pure Bliss

"We wanted to open the hotel in true Novogratz style, with a big opening party and a crazy ride to New Jersey on our party bus."

WOW! We can’t believe season one of 9 by Design is over. What a fabulous experience, and what an amazing year, filled with more joy and excitement than you could hope for. A new baby, a new house, a new hotel, and so much more! Are we the luckiest people in the world? We think so! Filming the show was so much fun, and we all learned so much, made new friends, and got a chance to share our daily lives and work with all of you!

Thanks so much to our talented director, our devoted producers and all the support we could hope for from Bravo! Not to forget, you the loyal viewers. We were definitely nervous before we took on 9 by Design, but in the end, the show was all we were hoping for and more.

The last episode turned out to be one of our favorites (do I say that every week? I can’t help it! ). We got to spend some chill time at our country home in New England, where we can really unwind, and I loved our tag sale, even though it was a bit eccentric! We raised some cash, got rid of the clutter, and gave Breaker a chance to stand on street corners in his pajamas screaming!!!! Pure bliss. Never mind that we used the proceeds to buy more décor for our projects. For us, that is what it is all about. We do love the chase. Unfortunately, we have been so busy this year in NYC, we don’t get to the country as often as we would like, so our time there is especially important to us.

It was terribly exciting creating our first hotel in Long Branch, New Jersey. It’s the first boutique hotel on the Jersey shore, and we wanted to make it memorable with our signature Sixx Design look. We mixed modern elements with vintage ones throughout, which we always do. We were luckily able to work with some major talent, like artisan John Houshmand, who created the bar and the wood pieces in the lobby. Ann Carrington’s art work was also another unique aspect to the hotel’s design. These talented designers helped take our design to a whole new level. We wanted to open the hotel in true Novogratz style, with a big opening party and a crazy ride to New Jersey on our party bus. Everybody loves Bungalow, it sold out for the summer immediately after opening, and we love the way it looks and had a great time when we stayed there with the kids. To make sure everything was perfect!

Again, thanks for your love, support and following the show every week. It’s been a wild ride, and we couldn’t have done it without you! We hope to see you very soon!!!!


PS For those of you waiting for your copies of Downtown Chic, they will be shipping again on in a couple of days. Thanks for your patience.

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