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Ten Reasons

Tallulah talks about getting her first cell phone with twin sister Bellamy!

This episode was fun because I got my first cell phone! I didn’t want the phone as badly as Bellamy… she wanted it reallllyyy badly and I was happy that my mom let us get them. Right after we got the phones Bellamy and I would text each other even though we were in the same room. Our parents told us we needed to give it a rest, so we did. The manager at the store's name was Uy. He was really nice and we both got an LG Lotus. In order to convince my mom we should get them, we had to come up with ten reasons why would should have cell phones. It was hard at first but then we came up with lots of ideas. My mom's favorite was that we could order food. I thought that was funny. I didn’t get to see the Hamptons house in person, but it seems like it turned out pretty good! Five and Holly's birthday was fun and exciting. It was really funny when Breaker tricked my mom into thinking he ate the cakes. Five and Holly were so happy that they turned four and definitely had a lot of fun at their party. Next episode is Jasmina's benfeit, the basketball fundraiaser and Dave Barry's office. I can’t wait! Hope you enjoy and see you next week.

- Tallulah

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