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S1 - E1

This Old House

Meet husband and wife design team Bob and Cortney Novogratz, owners of the NYC based design firm, Sixx Design, and parents to six kids, with one on the way. The couple is widely known in New York for their uncanny ability to renovate and sell sumptuous homes in the city, most of which they reside in with their large family for some period. But the Novogratz family is in a pinch. With construction on their newest Manhattan home almost complete, they decide to accept an offer to lease out their current home, a spectacular Soho building with five bedrooms and a rooftop basketball court. But there’s one problem: the new house isn’t quite ready for habitation, so the family needs to find a temporary place to live for two months. With eight family members and a baby on the way, finding short-term housing won’t be easy. The family searches feverishly for an affordable temporary apartment that is spacious enough to hold them all, but Bob and Cortney have very different expectations for the temporary space. Will they find a place to live before the baby comes?
Aired: 04/13/2010