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A Mess at Kenya's Masquerade

Ep 15: Kenya throws a masquerade ball fundraiser for NeNe's charity hoping to smooth things over, but it doesn't quite go as planned.

Don't Come for Kandi...

Ep 14: The Atlanta Housewives recap the PJ Party drama and Kandi tries to make amends with a girls-only spa day.

Joyce Has Got Her Eyes on Todd

Ep 5: Apollo looks to Peter for marital advice, while Kandi brings Todd and Joyce together to try and work through their issues.

Porsha Speaks Out

Ep 4: Porsha speaks out about marriage troubles, while Phaedra confronts Apollo about Kenya.

Kenya's Police Problems

Ep 3: Cynthia goes in for a procedure, while Kenya moves out of the house and is greeted by an unexpected surprise.