Elise Wims: The Kendra Support Fund Was Bankrupt

Elise Wims: The Kendra Support Fund Was Bankrupt

Elise Wims talks about the lack of support from her colleagues and how she was feeling toward Kendra.

Bravotv.com: When your son came to visit, how long had it been since you saw him last? Was it fun to be able to show your family around?

Elise Wims: I hadn't seen CJ since I left for Whistler. It was fun to show him around and expose him to a place so undiverse. My aunt Mary enjoyed herself as well. She said she'd never been in a place that was so below casual fashion-wise.
Bravotv.com: Kendra thought you were acting cold toward her when she said her grandmother died. What was your take on the situation?

EW: I wasn't acting cold. Quite frankly, at that point the Kendra support fund was bankrupt from insufficient funds. You know, overdrawn? Lack of deposits. Tired of the one-sided relationship. Where i give...she takes...and doesn't reciprocate. Anyone real can feel me on that.

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Hurt Feelings All Around

Bravotv.com: Were you nervous to go in to talk to Joey and Tamara? How did you think the meeting went overall?

EW: I wasn't nervous. I was at peace. I gave it my best effort. And at that point I realised with all the favoritism going on--the one-sided conversations with Tamara, the lack of support from upper management, and them allowing the disrespect towards me--that it was only a matter of time before things were going to come to a head. Honestly, I realised this back in week three or so when Tamara undermined my authority creating a bigger gap for the free-for-all behavior. I thought they'd at least pretend to be fair and hear me out. But they didn't even do that. Cant say I'm surprised though.

Elise Wims Gets a Warning

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