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João Franco Explains That Wine Glass Incident

João Franco dishes on his love triangle, breaking the glass at dinner, and butting heads with Hannah Ferrier.

By João Franco
Jezabob Is Back! You’ve mentioned all of your former girlfriends have cheated on you. How has that shaped your outlook on relationships?

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João Franco: Being cheated on made me lose a great deal of respect for relationships and confidence in myself. In fact I ended up cheating on girls too. My failure in relationships, I feel, had caused me a great amount of psychological anguish. After I left Zimbabwe I had decided to be single for as long as I needed, to get some “me” time. Forgiving and trusting myself was the first step. Not mistaking infatuation for love was the next. I turned into a flirt but that’s as far as I would go... Was it difficult to navigate your love triangle with Brooke and Kasey?  

I wouldn’t go as far calling it a “love” triangle. My flirting was just me trying to be funny and make them smile. I didn’t realize that they would both like me and when I got the attention back, I had no clue what to do with it. I didn’t intend for it to be like that. Seeing the show has made me see how insecure I really was. I knew who I wanted to be with but it was more about deciding to be with someone or not at all... I wasn’t ready for anything serious at all. How did you manage to break that wine glass during the crew’s dinner?

Ah the wine glass! It was an accident. I couldn’t even hear Hannah and didn’t know that she was talking about me. I remember thinking, “this is a really thin wine glass,” and squeezed the rim of it a little too hard and it shattered. Nothing more than an accident. It couldn’t have been at a worse time. Why do you think you and Hannah clashed so much this season?

Did João Franco Just Cross the Line with Hannah Ferrier?

With such a large crew working together, going out, and living in such tight quarters different personalities are bound to clash. I think before I state my opinion of her from a personal perspective, I can’t say anything bad about Hannah until I fix my own issues. If I were better towards her, she might have been better to towards me... Why did you feel so protective of Brooke when she fell asleep on the crew’s night out?

JFBrooke is a sweetheart. The kindest and softest girl in the world! It upset me that Hannah rounded everyone up to take embarrassing photos of her. I felt it was unnecessary to make fun of her when she couldn’t speak for herself. Maybe Brooke wouldn’t have minded but I was just trying to do the right thing.

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