Below Deck Mediterranean Guests Rudely Compare Adam Glick's Dinner to Dog Food and the Universe Responds by Giving Him a Dog

Below Deck Mediterranean Guests Rudely Compare Adam Glick's Dinner to Dog Food and the Universe Responds by Giving Him a Dog

This is our type of karma.

By Stacy Lenz
The Guests Compare Adam Glick's Dinner to Dog Food

Below Deck Mediterranean surely started off with a bang. It’s already bringing us unruly guests, stormy weather and, surprisingly, birthday rapping. Still us animal lovers must confess that the most shocking event so far was when demanding guests turned their noses up at the gourmet pasta dish Chef Adam Glick created. The maybe-drunk guests maybe-slurred, “I don’t eat out of a bowl” and “My dog eats food like this,” to which we could only say, way harsh, Tai. Luckily, Captain Sandy eventually intervened as the problematic guests continued to clash with the staff, but we were hung up on the dog food comment. We wondered does Chef Adam ever make dog food? Then does said dog eat the food from a bowl? 

We asked and the universe answered (in the form of Instagram). We noticed that, around the time we were thinking “how rude” (à la Stephanie Tanner) regarding the accusatory charter guests, a dog appeared in Adam’s life as magically as the two appeared in our Instagram feed. Clearly this is some sort of dog-based karma, right? 

When Unleashed reached out to Adam to ask him about the new pup in his life, he shared “I got him about 3 weeks [ago] while road tripping. I was in the panhandle of Texas when I pulled over to relieve myself in the middle of nowhere. 'Tex' came up to my door, as I was about to leave and started scratching and crying. I decided to spend the night there, leave him outside the van and wait, to see if he would stay. When I woke up the next morning he was sleeping under my van. I had no choice but to keep him. And I needed him in my life so we were truly destined and attached immediately. We have a bond.”


The blue heeler/Australian cattle dog instantly took to Adam and the two have been adventuring together even since, often camping, hiking and even paddling boarding together. From their photos together you’d think these two were soul mates, traveling together for years, instead of new fast friends. Adam agrees stating, “He does everything I do. Attached to my hip instantly. The perfect adventure companion.” And to answer our original question, Adam was kind enough to say that yes, “I frequently prepare him dog food and always serve it in a bowl.” 

To see more of Adam and Tex’s "meet cute," head over to his saved Instagram story, appropriately labeled "Tex."

Credit: Instagram/Adam Glick

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