Hannah Ferrier's Favorite Crew Member This Season Is ... Unexpected

Hannah Ferrier's Favorite Crew Member This Season Is ... Unexpected

Given how she feels about most humans, are you surprised?

By Brienne Walsh

Every season of Below Deck Mediterranean, chief stew Hannah Ferrier struggles with at least one crewmember that has basically no experience. This season, it’s the sweet (and celibate!) Kasey Cohen, who along with being violently seasick, has also never done her own laundry … and her job as third stew is to do laundry!

There seems to be at least one thing Hannah and Kasey have in common, however. And that’s their love for the sweet kitty who appeared on a recent episode. In a Twitter post, Hannah declared him her favorite crewmember this season. Once we saw this cat's cute face, we have to say we 100 percent agree!

“He was blind and would wait for me to come feed him every time we came in,” she wrote. “We had be best chats... #belowdeckmed”

Kasey also gave a shout out to the sweet kitten, posting a picture of his absolutely adorable face next to the caption: “I miss him #belowdeckmed.”

A lot remains unanswered. For example, does the cat have a name? And a home? We know that his perfect little claws would not be welcomed on the polished floors of a yacht — but why did none of the crewmembers take him home at the end of the charter season?

One also begs to ask what Hannah talked to the kitty about. Her budding feelings for a certain blonde co-worker? Her frustrations at rude guests? Her favorite pizza place in Naples?

In any case, from photographs at least, the cat looks well cared for — and well fed. We hope that wherever he is now, he is dining on a delicious piece of freshly caught fish from the Mediterranean, and basking in his newfound fame.

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