7 Features of the New Cruise Liner Billed as the Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built

7 Features of the New Cruise Liner Billed as the Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built

One massive suite comes with a $150,000 bed — and costs $10,000 nightly.

There's a stunning new ship making a major splash in the cruise market. Billed as "the Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built," the Regent's Seven Seas Explorer just debuted with a gala christening event in Monte Carlo on July 13. Here are seven drool-worthy amenities and design details you'll find on board.

1. 2,148 Bottles of Champagne

Let’s start off with the most important feature: champers! For the 14-night maiden voyage from Monte Carlo to Venice, the crew has stocked up on 2,148 bottles of bubbly. That, on top of the 5,712 bottles of red and white wines available, should take care of those on board. Consider that the cruise is all inclusive, so if you're on board, you can literally pop bottles nonstop if that's your thing. We'd also say those make perfect pairings with the 2,000 pounds of lobster ready to be devoured.

2. 45,876 Square Feet of Marble

When it comes to glamorous marble, the Seven Seas Explorer has plenty… 45,876-square feet of it to be exact — and half of it is Carrera marble from Italy. That's a nice selling point, seeing as the ship sails to Venice. Marble is seen in the Regent's 375 guest suites bathrooms and throughout the ship. To give you an idea of just how much stone that is, it would comprise almost an entire acre if spread flat. In simpler terms, the amount could cover an area the size of a typical American football field.

3. 158 Crystal Chandeliers

No expense was spared on the interior decor of the Seven Seas Explorer, as seen in each of the 158 total crystal chandeliers on the ship. (The lighting really comes in handy for Instagram-minded cruise passengers.) The biggest, boldest fixture is in the main entrance area, while smaller ones are dispersed in the restaurants, lounges, corridors, and a select number of suites.  

4. A Massive 4,443-Square-Foot Suite

If you have a spare $140,000, you can snag the $10,000 a night Regent Suite. Featuring two bedrooms, a living room, piano, private spa, sauna, steam room, and treatment area, there's literally no reason to ever leave your bunk. Believe it or not, this suite is filling up fast for future sailings — and since there's nothing like it anywhere else, the price could likely increase.

5. A $150,000 Bed

That's right. The Regent Suite has a Savoir No. 1 bed in the Master Bedroom that is worth $150,000. The mattress alone retails for $90,000 so clearly, this is a bed that sweet dreams are made of. When you're not sleeping prettily, you can enjoy unlimited treatments in your own en-suite spa, try your hand at piano at the custom-made Steinway Arabesque piano or take in floor-to-ceiling views of the Mediterranean in your vista garden.

6. 552 Crew Members

Unlike some other massive cruise ships, the Explorer keeps the crew-to-guest ratio small. Really small. There are 552 crew members to cater to the every whim of all 750 guests on board. So, with a 1.36 guest-to-crew ratio, you essentially have your own personal assistant. The crew represent 41 different nationalities: Argentinian, Italian, Indian, and South African to name a few — making this a truly international sail.

7. 51,909 Square Feet of Balcony Space

Among the Explorer’s best features are the en-suite private balconies included for every single passenger. In total, there is 51,909 square feet of balcony space, which comes out to about 138 square feet per suite. Assuming you aren't afraid of heights or worse — seasickness prone — drinking those unlimited bottles of champagne on a lounge chair outside with views of Monte Carlo would make for the nautical vacay of a lifetime.

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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