7 Spectacular Islands You've Never Even Heard Of

7 Spectacular Islands You've Never Even Heard Of

You read it here first.

As we all become more connected, even some of the most far-flung islands can start to seem a little… well, ho-hum. But amid this globalized world and all of the travel-planning ease it provides, there are still plenty of lesser-known places dotting the globe: Take these gorgeous islands, for example. They’re stunning, perfect for vacation — and you’ve probably never even heard of them yet.

1. Tintamarre

Off the coast of the already unbelievably beautiful St. Martin sits the island of Tintamarre. Undeveloped, the remains of an airport and a cotton planation are the only signal that the island ever functioned for a purpose beyond mud bathing and swimming. But the island is a serene and secluded place to do both of the latter — and it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

2. Mustique

As if St. Vincent and the Grenadines aren’t already gorgeous enough, the small private island of Mustique ups the tropical paradise ante. With around 100 private villas — including David Bowie's! — and little else, the entire island feels like it was designed with an utterly relaxing getaway in mind. The only way to get to the island though is to rent one of these villas, which can be done through the Mustique Company. And just wait until you take a look at the rental offerings — your jaw will drop.

3. Fernando De Noronha

The 21 islands that are a part of the Fernando De Noronha archipelago are stunning. They’re rocky and lush, while the water that surrounds them is vibrant with all of the shades between blue and green. It’s a prime spot for diving and snorkeling and it’s officially off the regular tourist radar. 

4. Big Corn Island

Nicaragua’s Corn Islands are a well kept dreamy secret. Both Big and Little Corn Islands are quite small with picturesque sands and Caribbean waters that would take any traveler’s vacation to a whole new level of awesome.

5. Marietas Islands

The hidden beach at Marietas Islands is what brings travelers to the place, off the Pacific coast of Mexico. The story is that military testing led to the collapse of a natural stone roof, creating an extraordinarily otherworldly type of beach destination. You’ll have to take a boat and then swim to get there, but it will be worth it for the surreal beach memories.

6. Pig Beach

This Bahamas island is certainly off the course from the main attractions of the area, but provides a beautiful backdrop for an unforgettable activity: swimming in crystal clear water... alongside feral pigs. No, seriously. These (adorable) feral pigs love to swim and lounge in the sand and the island really is called Pig Beach

7. Quilalea

This private Mozambique island feels so far away. In order to stay in this luscious paradise, you’ll need to book with Azura Retreats, the company that owns the island. Outside of Azura’s luxury lodging, the island is wholly uninhabited. You’ll just hear the crashing waves as you tuck into one of the most relaxing experiences of your life.

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