See Why This Dreamy Paradise Was Once Again Named the Best Hotel on the Planet

See Why This Dreamy Paradise Was Once Again Named the Best Hotel on the Planet

It takes a lot to beat out a runner up that hosted both Barack Obama and Pippa Middleton this year.

By Alesandra Dubin

Get those travel-booking fingers ready — you'll need them to secure your spot at the most incredible hotel on earth, after you use them to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Travel + Leisure is out again with its annual World's Best Awards, put together using reader input. The wide-ranging results provide tons of fodder for to ignite your wanderlust dreams. (Not to mention a great bit of trivia to share among friends: Did you know that three of the top 10 three islands in the world are in the U.S.... and the one closest to the top of the list is not in Hawaii?)

The list includes several repeat champions across various categories, including Charleston coming in as the No. 1 American city... a title it has held since 2013.

But the repeat champ we're here to entice you with today is the property that once again nabbed the title for the best hotel in the world

That would be Nihi Sumba Island (formerly Nihiwatu), located in Indonesia.

Nihi is an eco-friendly resort on the country’s island of Sumba — much littler known, of course, than Indonesia’s famous island of Bali. 

“It is the epitome of escape, adventure, and luxury,” one reader described the place.

Surfers will be familiar with the property because of Occy’s Left, known as one of the world’s best waves. But non-surfers have plenty to do there too, of course: Think fishing, visiting traditional villages, and waterfall hikes. 

The huge villas are meant to embrace the jungle and beach atmosphere, making use of using organic materials such as natural stone and teak wood.

There are many accommodations big enough enough to hold multigenerational family groups... so you can have a better family vacation than literally anyone else you have ever met.

You might recognize the place as last year's winner, too!

As for the No. 2 best hotel in the world, according to the most recent T+L list? Well that's the Brando in French Polynesia, which recently hosted such ho-hum guests as Pippa Middleton on her honeymoon, and Barack Obama writing his memoirs. (You know, the usual.)

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