How Kate Chastain's Dog Adoption Is Helping Her Friend Save Dogs in Puerto Rico

How Kate Chastain's Dog Adoption Is Helping Her Friend Save Dogs in Puerto Rico

Her pup, Halo, was named after H.A.L.O. Rescue.

By Molly Socha
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Since Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have devastated areas of the United States and its territories, Bravolebrities like Bethenny Frankel, Luann de Lesseps and Captain Lee Rosbach have promptly answered the call to help residents impacted by these storms. Below Deck's Kate Chastain is no exception and wants everyone to remember the disaster's furrier victims as well. On Tuesday's episode of her Bravo podcast, After Deck with Kate Chastain, she told listeners that she'd received updates on a close friend of hers in Rincón, Puerto Rico. While her friend, Tiah Scheible, is still without water and power, she continues to work on a cause near and dear to her heart, finding homes throughout the world for the many strays inhabiting the U.S. territory. However, with resources limited for the humans on the island, Scheible is focused on getting the dogs off the island and into no-kill shelters in the states as soon as possible. As fate would have it, Kate's own dog's adoption story has played a significant role in these efforts. 

"I'm always wearing a horseshoe charm necklace because I really do believe in meaningful coincidences or serendipitous things that happen. I believe in synchronicity," Kate explained. "And if this isn't a story that proves it, I don't know what is." 

It all started with a dog named Rio that Kate rescued four years ago. She described the many bumps in the road she encountered raising him. "If I even got off the couch, He would jump up and bite my wrists because he didn't like that I was leaving him," she recalled. "I mean if he had been 20 pounds heavier, he really could have hurt me." 

Kate held strong for a year and a half with the dog. Then, she was asked to join the crew on a yacht. "It was the opportunity of a lifetime." She felt, given the circumstances, that the right thing to do for the dog was to bring it to the no-kill shelter, H.A.L.O. Rescue. "It broke my heart," She explained. 

It didn't take long for Kate to regret her decision. "Tiah, who is such an animal lover was like, 'Let's go get Rio back,'" she remembered. She and her friend drove back to the animal shelter two days later, only to discover it was too late, and Rio had already been adopted and found a new home. 

Fast-forward a few years later, and a few more misadventures and heartache, Kate went to visit the animal shelter again to find a new four-legged companion. But, as she raced to make it to the shelter before closing, the GPS led her a few miles off-track to a home in a suburban Florida neighborhood. "I pull a U-Turn and I am just cursing my map navigation app," she said, "I mean this is a freak of nature. I put the right address in [. . .] but for some reason, the dot says where it should be is in this random neighborhood that I've never been to before." 

When Kate finally made it to H.A.L.O. rescue for the second time in her life, she was once again disappointed as she didn't find the dog that would be the right fit for her and her life.  

All was not lost, however. After responding to a Craigslist post looking for a home for a one-year-old dog and arranging a time that day to meet, Kate put the address of the home in her GPS, just as she had done with H.A.L.O the day before. "I put it in my Google Maps and realized that this address was next door to the mystery addres Maps had accidentally taken me to just the day before," Kate remembered, "I mean goosebumps."

"I'm telling myself, 'yes, I believe in meaningful coincidences. Yes, this is a crazy coincidence, but I'm not going to just adopt a dog just because of this weird coincidence,'" Kate explained. However, Kate did adopt the dog from the Craigslist post that day and named him Halo in honor of the serendipitous address error. 

What does this all have to do with rescuing dogs from Puerto Rico? Skip to present day, and Tiah Scheible working to find homes for animals in Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria. Having encountered H.A.L.O. Rescue with Kate years earlier, Scheible was able to work with the shelter to send 70 dogs on a plane from Animal Rescue Foundation of Rincón, Puerto Rico to their center in Florida. According to Kate, H.A.L.O. has already spent $15,000 to execute the plan. "They're charging $200 in adoption fees for all the animals to try and make their money back, but only so that they can send another plane to Puerto Rico," Kate explained. 

Listen to the full episode of After Deck featured above to find out how to help this project or adopt a dog from H.A.L.O. 

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