Here's Your Chance to Vacation on Your Own Epic Private Island for $150 (Really)

Here's Your Chance to Vacation on Your Own Epic Private Island for $150 (Really)

Sometimes "too good to be true" isn't.

By Alesandra Dubin

Ditch whatever ordinary vacation plans you had with your pals, because here's an idea that revolutionizes the friend getaway. Consider it the mic drop of baller vacations that mere mortals can actually afford: Rent your own private island for just about the amount of cash you have in your wallet right now, and you only need three besties to get on board.

Here's the deal: Airbnb has a listing for a private island in Belize with lodging that accommodates four people in total. The listing begins at $395 per night — yes, that's for the whole island — but after the first two people, you'll pay $100 each additional. So all told, that's $595 for a private island for four people... which comes out to under $150 per night per person. Sold.

And it's a beaut: Bird Island is located 20 minutes away from the village of Placencia in Belize. It's a small island inside a coral reef, surrounded by protected waters. The island offers some of the best snorkeling in all of Belize — which is saying a lot.

Picture your own entire island, surrounded by super-shallow crystal-clear waters. At one end of the island is a new main house, and at the other is a cabana.

Weather wise, you're golden: The island is always cool when mainland gets hot and humid by early April. And the island boasts respite from the sand flies and mosquitoes known to be pests on the mainland.

It also includes a stocked kitchen, local phone, Wi-Fi (you know who you are if you love a remote location — as long as you remain connected), a movie collection and TV, barbecue, sundeck, two kayaks, and other amenities.

Transportation to and from island from Placencia is also included in the bargain-basement price.

By the way, if you want this island all to yourself with just your honey — that's $395 per couple per night. Hello romance.

The private island has a three-night booking minimum.

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