Here's How Tom Hanks Says He Got "Screwed" While Vacationing With Oprah and the Obamas

Here's How Tom Hanks Says He Got "Screwed" While Vacationing With Oprah and the Obamas

What could go wrong when yachting with that famous crew? "Little Tommy Hanks" will tell you.

Recently, you might recall that Oprah, Tom Hanks, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Bruce Springsteen all vacationed together on David Geffen's 450-foot luxury yacht, The Rising Sun, in Tahiti. So what really happens when some of the world's most famous people get together on such a spectacular-seeming holiday? Well, don't ask Oprah — she won't tell. Ask Tom Hanks.

While Oprah told People, "what happens on the boat, stays on the boat," Tom Hanks trotted onto the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to tell some stories about how he, quite literally, got left in the dust by the rest of the famous crew.

First, he talked about how the paparazzi found them, with merely a hint of sarcasm: “Both Oprah and I were really pissed off because — is this where we are in the world? Is this what’s going on with social media that Oprah and I cannot go on a billionaire’s boat to Tahiti with a former president of the United States and not keep it secret, for God’s sake?” (Nailed it.)

Tom said, “I’ll tell you one thing that happened to Tom Hanks, little Tommy Hanks, on that trip. He gets screwed... in the bad way, in the pejorative way, not in the delightful way.” Hmm.

Indeed, when Stephen says "hmm, international waters," Tom clarified he didn't mean "screwed" like that.

Well, instead of telling a horrible story, it turns out the crew just rented bicycles to see the town and Tom got left with an "undersized girl's bike," while the secret service and the rest of the crew rode off on "these brand new shiny bikes with bells, and leather saddles, and those streamers that come off the handle bars."

Poor Tom said, "Everybody takes off, Oprah, the former president — they're all gone. And I have a bike that you couldn't deliver newspapers with." He had only one gear and coaster breaks, and said the locals noted his "crappy bike" when he went by. Naturally, he said there were more stories to tell, but they were "classified".

If that's the worst thing that happened, then it sounds like the trip was as picture perfect as it looked. Watch here:

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