Why Is This Exotic Island Paradise Inviting Couples to Come Stay for Free?!

Why Is This Exotic Island Paradise Inviting Couples to Come Stay for Free?!

Naturally, there is a catch.

By Bryce Gruber

If you've been looking for an excuse to ditch your job and take a break from ordinary life, but the whole finding-a-place-to-live-and-have-money-to-eat thing has been getting in your way... fear not. A very exotic and remote Tasmanian Island wants you and your lover to come stay for free.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service wants couples (womp womp, single people) to venture over to Maatsuyker Island for six months. The only catch (other than needing to find a partner, stat, if you don't have one already) is that you and your mate have to help care for the island while you're there.

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While this is definitely the deal of a lifetime if you're into gorgeous ocean scenery and a temperate climate, it's probably not suited for diva-like personalities. That's because you'll have to earn your keep maintaining the island's grounds, buildings, plants, and reporting weather patterns and statistics for meteorologists on the mainland.

The good news is that you'll have endless peace and quiet thanks to a total lack of TV and Internet, a four -bedroom home to call your own during your stay, killer views, fresh air, and access to relatively rare penguins as your new best friends. Of course, no Internet also means no Wi-Fi, smartphones, or social media uploads, and that does beg a question: What's the point of all this pristine and exotic nature if you can't show it off to everyone you've ever known?

It is probably a great test of your relationship's strength, though.

If this kind of isolation still sounds appealing enough to you to test your couplehood, start shopping pronto: The deal is you have to bring your own bed linens and entertainment.

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