Would You Go on Permanent Vacay in This Teeny Underwater Pod?

Would You Go on Permanent Vacay in This Teeny Underwater Pod?

Imagine if The Jetsons lived at sea.

Much as we'd love to pass our days on one of the world's finest superyachts — like the legendary Eclipse — alas, many of us plebes are instead simply toiling away at work like suckers at this very moment. The world may a cruel place in that regard... but it’s about to get a lot more interesting for folks who would consider making a serious lifestyle change-up.

Here's why: A design team in Italy has come up with an outlandish plan to put people in floating, UFO-looking pods made to serve as actual residences that travel the world. 

Wait, what? The structure they've come up with is a round home, half above water and half below, with a disc jutting out. That disc is also a sundeck, and the feature is what keeps the whole thing afloat. Hence, the project is dubbed UFO, for "underwater floating object."

In varying designs, the outer disc has a running or biking track, a garden, or a very tiny front yard. (We think we could pass a solid amount of time out there with a good book, a bikini, and a lawn chair.) Inside, there's a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen. 

The design would use energy sources through wind and water turbines and convert rain into drinking water, which would also water the garden. 


Did we mention the underwater portion is glass? So yes, you can fall asleep while observing stunning sea creatures... just like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' insane Dubai accommodations!

The height above water level is just seven feet, so you can make the pod as luxurious as you like — within those teeny parameters. The vessel as a whole? Just 20 feet high.

As for its speed, it cruises through the water at a whopping three miles per hour. So you might say it's perfect though for bopping along the coast of Italy (if not for racing yachts).

According to the designers, it’s virtually unsinkable even in rough sea conditions, thanks to a special anchor system. The company is also making a variety of other capsules, one called a “party capsule” and one that has a door for a machine gun. (So, you know, just in case?)

Right now, it’s merely a concept design — but start saving. You'll be looking at around $200,000 for one of these babies, which is a steal compared to the average houseboat... not to mention superyacht!

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