How Did an Ordinary Cruise Vacation Turn Into a Massive Brawl at Sea?

How Did an Ordinary Cruise Vacation Turn Into a Massive Brawl at Sea?

It's being called "the cruise ship from hell." 

By Jenny Berg

It's being called "the cruise ship from hell," and that's not because the buffet lines were too long. Instead, it seems like some of the passengers didn't quite take a shine to one another — and truly over-the-top behavior ensued. If you're planning a high-seas adventure anytime soon, you may want to look away now. But for the rest of you, here's what went down.

An Australia-based Carnival Legend cruise ship was passing through New South Wales at around 12:45 a.m. on February 16. That's when one passenger allegedly stepped on another passenger's — wait for it — flip-flop. (That's not a metaphor... like really a cheap rubber shoe.)

Well, the stepped-on passenger didn't exactly clink pina coladas with the assailant and move on. In fact, a full-fledged brawl broke out. According to footage obtained by an Australian radio station, the fight involved kicks, punches, and rolling around on the cruise ship floor.

After security stepped in, six men and three teenage boys were kicked off the ship for their direct participation in the bloody brawl. The kicked-off passengers were followed by their family members; in all, 23 members of the same extended family left the ship. (So, yes: Apparently the fight was between extended family members. And you thought your Christmas dinner was rough!) 

According to witnesses on the boat, the same family embroiled in the flip-flop fiasco had been causing problems for days. Allegedly, members of the family had threatened to stab passengers, and throw them overboard. That's rather chilling, and Carnival Cruises was quick to respond. 

According to a rep for the line, Carnival has "a zero-tolerance approach to excessive behavior that affects other guests... The ship’s highly trained security staff have taken strong action in relation to a small group of disruptive guests who have been involved in altercations on board. The ship’s security team is applying our zero-tolerance policy in the interests of the safety and comfort of other guests.”

We're glad to hear that the matter was dealt with swiftly. But between this and The Real Housewives of New York's ship-based incident, we're feeling dry land right now.

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