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Dave Bradberry: "Wedding Bells are in the Future"

Dave gives an update on his engagement, and elaborates on his time in the adult entertainment industry. By this point in the trip, how are you feeling about your time on the boat? Your crew-mates?
David Bradberry: Reality has finally begun to set in. This no longer, in any way, feels like a vacation or an easy job. This is the third charter of the season -- or ever -- for Eddie and me. I'm (fortunately) learning quickly and immersing myself in the boat. I'm still very green, but am determined to meet the expectations of a new deckhand. The hours are long and the tasks are tedious, but with the tip from last week, everything is beginning to seem worth it. 

The crew is my new family away from home. Each and every one has a  distinctive and loud (in their own way) personality.... 

Captain Lee is strict, stern, and militant, but I'm used to the old school way of doing things. Totally willing to prove myself before we get respected as a crew. 

Aleks has something to prove -- that he is a good capable leader. So far, I'm happy to have him as a boss.

Adrienne comes across as a complete frigid bitch, but that's kinda part of her job description. She has one of the most stressful jobs on the yacht. 

Ben is a bit of a maniac. Every time I passed the galley, controlled chaos seemed to permeate the air and delicious prices of art flowed steadily out.  

C.J. acted like he was allergic to cotton! He never had his shirt on and was always running a round intent on perfecting his latest project. Always seemed to be the center of attention whether we wanted or not. 

Kat was the party animal. This girl know how to have fun, but can also always be counted on to show up for work the next morning with a smile. 

Eddie is Mr. Nice Guy: absolutely hysterical. He always found a way to lighten the mood and make work a little more fun. 

Sam is the beautiful girl next door. Sam is a sweetheart, but a bit of a brat when things don't go her way. You and Eddie seem to be on a bit of a different schedule than the other crew — working a lot at night. Can you tell us more about that?
DB: Eddie and I were on totally different schedules than everyone else! As deckhands, safety is a high priority on our list of responsibilities -- especially at night. For the most part, the schedule of the crew mostly revolved around the need of the charter guests. But night, while anchored at sea in the wee hours of the morning, is potentially the most dangerous time to be on a ship, which is why we have anchor watch, in which we monitor the status of the yacht and and fulfill the request of any last night or early morning guests. Now clearly we can't work 24/7, so our schedules were staggered with Aleks filling in when appropriate. When you heard there would be five single guys as charter guests, what were your expectations? 
DB: Well first off, I've never heard of a group of five single 40-plus dudes that were straight. I mean sounds more like a booking on a P-Town yachting experience. These five single guys informed us prior they were looking to "party hard." I guess I was expecting some sort of a "dude cruise," looking to party on and off the boat at night and get into water sports during the day. You got engaged! Were you shocked? Tell us everything!
DB: I'm engaged!!! It was so unexpected. We had never really even talked seriously about getting married, so it was very much a surprise. Trevor says it took me being away from him during charter season to realize how much he needed me in his life. The proposal way very impromptu. I was blown away. Did you two get married yet? 
DB: We have not gotten married yet; we had decided early on that we would not begin the wedding planning until Proposition 8 was overturned. Now that it has been, wedding bells are in the future. Trevor's dream wedding is in Boston Harbour, and we'll certainly keep our friends, fans, and followers informed. You reveal that you and your fiance met doing pornographic film. Was that hard for you to tell your crewmates? Do you have any regrets? How did they react? How do people usually react?
DB: We actually first met during pre-production of my first feature independent film, Bite Marks. I had already been cast, and I was helping with the readings for the other principle roles. Trevor was working as the film's Assistant Director. This was my first "mainstream" project following my short stint in the adult industry. and Trevor never (really) left the adult industry.  

I'm certainly not proud of the fact that I worked in adult films, but I'm not ashamed of it either, which makes it significantly easier to communicate to new peers. I try not to go through life with regrets. People make decisions and they aren't always good ones. It's what we learn from those choices that matters in the end. The guys take you up on your joke offer to go to a strip club, but you and Eddie were the ones getting hit on. Tell us what it was like at the strip club.
DB: I see nothing wrong with single guys going to a strip club for a fun evening out, but these guys were actually looking to hook up with girls for the evening. I mean one would think that common sense would dictate that strippers are not interested in sleeping with you. They are mysterious dancers, dancers for money, but they don't really do what you want them to do. They are there for your viewing entertainment only. A strip club was a waste of time if these guys were looking to "score," especially when your wingmen are Eddie and me! I mean I can only say I'm gay so many times. Those girls took that as a challenge.  

The strip club was... interesting. I don't see naked women often, but when I do Im always a little mystified, curious, and frightened. Thank God I've got Trevor! Things come to a head with Adrienne and the girls. Could you feel the tension between them?
DB: We didn't really see the drama unfolding between the girls as we were busy working (and getting engaged), but we certainly did hear about it! I think out of the three girls, I bonded most with Kat. I know she felt incredibly trapped in between both Sam and Adrienne. While she didn't always agree with Adrienne, she still acknowledged that Adrienne was still her superior. Kat hated being put in the middle between he other girls. It put extra stress on here daily, and, unfortunately, it lead to her cutting loose just a little more than necessary. How was rooming with Eddie? You two seemed to be the closest to each other on the boat, but we've seen a ton of photos of you and Sam hanging out
DB: I loved rooming with Eddie! I couldn't have asked for a better roomie. He was clean, hygienic, didn't snore, and he even let me dress him up! We became close very quickly. We were working together daily and we were in close quarters at night. We really opened up a lot to each other and bonded durning the charter season. He taught me almost everything I know about sailing, and I really think of him as a great friend now. You don't have a ton of experience on boats. What did you think of the experience overall? Are you still working on yachts?
DB: I learned so very much from my time on the yacht, skills I've carried on with and hope to improve upon. I've always been in love with he sea, but living and working on it was a life-changing experience. There were good times and bad, but most importantly, there were memories forged that will stay with me forever -- and for that I am grateful. I am currently a student at the New York Film Academy, but I do head out to help Aleks with his charter company, Elite Yacht Management, when needed, to keep things fresh. Anything else you'd like to add?
DB: I'd love to take the opportunity to talk a wonderful organization still striving to provide aid to the needed children of Haiti: Mission Results Haiti found at the website It's an underfunded and under-appreciated non-profit still working to spread some love in a disaster-stricken community. 

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