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The Only Food That Horrifies Ben

Ben Robinson shares his true feelings about sea cucumber ovaries and explains his kitchen blow up. Have you ever prepared sea cucumber ovaries before?
Ben Robinson: That's a really good question. I have actually never prepared them before, but I have eaten them in a sushi restaurant once. It is the only food that absolutely horrifies me, but having said that, I tried to get Timothy his sea cucumber ovaries. Unfortunately they were unavailable. What's the strangest food request you've gotten while working on yachts?
BR: Sea cucumber ovaries are the strangest food request I have ever received while working on a yachts. Do you think Kate overreacted to your request to put Amy on the intimate dinner? Were you happy with Amy's service?
BR: Actually I don't think Kate overreacted, but I thought Kate should be in charge of the larger party and that it was a great opportunity for Amy to head up a service for a small, intimate dinner. It was a chance to shine, and after having shown so much enthusiasm for her job and my food, it felt right recruiting her for that particular service. We had two parties going on at the same time, someone had to lead both. I was very happy with Amy's service and she was a pleasure to work with. You see, Kate has so much going on with such a massive job, sometimes it's hard to gain her undivided attention. Amy offered me this, and I believe the evening was a success for both parties. How shocked were you to get the order for quesadillas?
BR: As a 10 year veteran I don't think anything can shock me with the demands of the mega rich, enthusiastic, yacht Were you surprised to hear that the guests weren't happy with the food and that it affected the tip?
BR: Quite frankly, I was absolutely horrified. When Timothy boarded the yacht, I threw out a bunch of shucked oysters, and he exclaimed, to his surprise, that everyone loved them! I had no idea that he had excluded his girlfriend from this equation. Call me too literal! What led to your blow up in the kitchen?
BR: Being in the Below Deck galley is a pressure cooker. The demands are outrageous, the hours are grueling, and the intensity is otherworldly. I snapped when Timothy Sykes blamed me for not catering to his precious girlfriend's delicate demands, when clearly I was just misinformed by him. Sadly, I misrepresented myself as a professional, but in reality it was shared between myself and old friend Eddie. Actually I think there was a lunar eclipse that evening, is it forgivable?


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