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Captain Lee: "I Don't Get to Choose Our Guests"

See which crew member got an A+ from Captain Lee this week.

Ahoy Peeps!

It's that time again, and I don't know exactly where to begin. This episode is fraught with everything I find distasteful about some of the situations I find myself in, which doesn't happen much. But I honestly didn't see how this charter could get much worse, and then it did. This is what happens when the crew crosses the line between guests and work. We as crew members are never guests, even if we are invited to be part of it, we are not guests ever. There may be interludes where we may be included, but we should always remember our place and act accordingly.

That being said, let's get right to it. Adrienne has made her way into our world, which she is still a part of, and I was hoping that she would behave accordingly. Two rules: Don't embarrass yourself, and don't embarrass the boat. Even if you are no longer a part of the crew or boat, those rules apply, at least in my book. Adrienne obviously missed that chapter. The guests may invite you along for the ride, but make no mistake about it, you are not part of the world they live in. Quit trying to be by demonstrating outrageous behavior. I found her behavior on my boat to be much less than tasteful. I thought it was classless and demeaning to me and the yacht. As a former crew member of mine, I expected a certain amount of class and decorum but got neither. I get paid to cater to these people. You made a conscious decision to be with them and behave in the fashion you did. Spreading rumors and classless behavior were things that I found to be most inappropriate.


Now to the crew. Kate, Kate, Kate: thank you. I was pleased with the professional way you were trying to deal with the crew issues. The crew should take a lesson from you. I was pleased with the fact that you tried, albeit in vain, to get Amy to understand that regardless of how you may feel in the moment, you still have a job to do and should not let the outside issues affect your job performance. No one was going to die, it was not a life threatening situation, just emotions that need to be shelved until the charter is over. Nice try. Too bad it fell on the deaf ears of the emotionally-affected crew. I really appreciated your attitude and efforts with this sh-- show. Well done.

[video_clip_url:]Amy, to be honest, I expected better from you. Something that happened four years ago should not have had the effect on you that it did. You only added to it by not letting it drop and get on with your job, especially when the guy that was involved is not anywhere to be found. When you heard them talking about you, the natural reaction is to jump in and defend yourself. Mind you I said "natural reaction," not best reaction. You should have continued down the hall, said nothing, and let it go. But you went to every member of the crew to let them know that your feelings were hurt. Kate's reaction to not discuss it with Kat was correct. Difficult? Yes, but that is what pros do. They do the difficult thing and deal with the problems and issues at a later, more appropriate time when emotions are not running so high. There was no reason to discuss this issue with the whole crew. Did it do anything to help your situation? Not that I could see. In fact, it made your life more difficult at the time.[video_clip_url:]

Now on to the issue of Kelley's love life. I know how close you and Kelley are, Amy, but crew issues are just that: crew issues and not family matters. I would be mortified if I found out that my sister was meddling in my love life. He is a big boy, and should he come to you for advice, that's one thing. Approaching the object of his affections unsolicited would upset me if I were in his place...That's just me. As awesome as Kelley is, it only works when that feeling is shared by both people involved. You cannot help him with that. Jennice will not change her opinion on Kelley based on what you tell her. If it changes, he will be the one who gets that done.

Kelley, I thought that your support of your sister was admirable, and family should be that close. That being said, remember: Be a professional, don't add to the rumor mill, don't react to it, deal in specifics, do your job first, and let the rest sit until it's the appropriate time to deal with it. Not everything needs immediate attention, especially where the emotions cross over to your professional life. Keep those separate. And as tempting as it is, don't eavesdrop. When you find yourself in that situation, move away. What you may hear may not be all that is involved, and it can't do you any good to hear half of it. All in all, I think you had a good week.Kat, wow, that was something. It's amazing that something that happened four years ago can, and did, come up and bite you in the butt. Do not get me wrong: As far as I'm concerned, the fact that Adrienne came on board and started a sh-- show was classless. It's the same advice I gave Amy: Let it go and deal with it when, and if, it becomes appropriate. I don't think that you confronting Adrienne in the presence of the charter guests was one of your best moments. You discussed it with your chief stew, and she gave you good advice: Deal with the present. That is what happens when emotions take over. Sorry you had to go through that, but it was self-inflicted, and I, for one, think that you have progressed beyond that type of behavior now. At least I hope so. Stay the course.


Ben, what a ride this one was, right? Thanks for dealing with the Adrienne thing so well and for giving Kat good advice. How can someone be supportive when the subject matter is, well, what it is? Timing still seems to be an issue with dinners, but I know you are working on it and will get it taken care of. Not our best charter, but it happens. 

Jennice, little one, you're still staying steady. Good job. I thought the way you dealt with Amy was correct. Nicely done. Way to keep it close and professional.

Eddie, wow, what an about-face on the beach. Were you on a rail? Well done. Just one thing: When Amy brought that info to you about her situation, maybe the best advice to her was to put it aside and deal with the matters at hand, the charter. Everything else can wait. As cold as it sounds, that was one fire that did not need fueling. You didn't, but she needed some direction, and you could have given it to her. You and your crew did a great job under not the best of situations and managed to stay clear of the BS for the most part. Well done.

The guests this week? What can I say? I don't get to choose our guests, but when on charter, I do form opinions on whether or not I want them to return. I will stand by my statement that involved "broken whiskey bottles." All in all, I was happy with the way the crew handled this specific group, and I  especially thought Kate did a great job with this group and the crew.

Well there you have it, until next time... fair winds and calm seas...

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