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Captain Lee on Kelley's Pole Dance

Captain Lee shares his thoughts on Kelley Johnson's wild birthday bash.

Arrrrgh Mates,

It's that time again, and I don't think that two weeks could be more different if it were designed that way. These charter guests were the best, right up there with Miss Georgia and her group. Love them. They just wanted to have fun, and I would say mission accomplished. What a great bunch. Locals who did their island proud.

On that note, let's take a look at the crew performance. It seems as if things were not even going to get started, what with the issues we had before we even left the dock (and almost took it with us I might add). I really didn't know how that was going to end up, because it was pretty intense there for a bit and I was really hoping that it was a mechanical issue and was so relieved to find out that it was. No skipper wants to think that one of his crew mates is capable of something of that magnitude, and I was so relieved to find out that they were all in the clear. That being said, it was what I call a "pucker " moment when it happened and would wish that on no one. But it worked out with the great help of the Ohana's first Officer Justin and Chief Engineer Steve. Great job, guys.

Now on to the rest of the crew. Logan, you couldn't have showed up at a better time, we really needed a helping hand, and you fit the bill admirably. You jumped right in and got busy with your good work ethic and you made no waves. Great job. I did feel a little sorry for you as the stews seemed to be giving you the once over pretty good. But you're a big boy, I'm sure you can handle it. At any rate, well done for the first time on board. Way to fit in.

[video_clip_url:]Kelley, what's the matter? You didn't like the Logan one-handed flying figure eight? Just kidding, I thought it was funny as hell. The look on your face was priceless. As far as your birthday celebration, I'm not even going to say anything. I was happy you had fun. It was your birthday and you were on your own time. If I remember correctly, there may have been one or two of those in my earlier years, so I'm just going to say that I hope you enjoyed yourself, and by the looks of it, you did. It looked as if everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves without any problems, and that's a good thing. You worked hard and played hard, and I have no issues with that. And you do get some style points for the pole dance, but then I think you lost those points for the yakking on the dock. All in all, looked like everyone enjoyed it.[video_clip_url:]

Kate, nice job this week, the Mexican party was well received and it seemed to me that the staff enjoyed doing it as much and the charter enjoyed having it done for them. Well done.

Kat, I was glad that you and Amy sat down and talked things out, although I'm not sure that anything really got settled. I hope so, but something tells me that this isn't really over yet. Just a hunch. I thought you had a good week, and was glad that you decided to give a new dynamic to your relationship with Ben, whatever that may be. All in all a good week for you.

[video_clip_url:]Amy, what a great job you did with the extra guests you had to deal with. I guess no one prepped you to deal with the Irish, they are the best partiers in the world and the nicest as well. You handled them well, and I think they loved you. Really good job with them. Not sure if you got the air cleared with Kat, but I hope so. Deep down I think it's still bothering you and I wish you had really spoken your mind when you two sat down just so you would feel better. I thought your party for Kelley was a hit and he really appreciated you for that. I think you had a great week, good job.[video_clip_url:]

Ben, you and Kate seemed to get on the same page this week and I thought your food and presentation were smash hits. You two really did well, considering the conversation at the beginning of the episode. Good job in the galley. That's what I love to see. Loved your line about Logan's jacket looking like the curtains in your home. Funny stuff.

Eddie, you had a great week as well. Kudos to you and your crew for making me look good on a tough docking situation at the end of the charter. Precision work. Good job with Logan getting him in and feeling comfortable with everyone. Great line to Logan when he first came on board: "Are you lying?" Loved it. He looked at you like you had two heads. It seems that things went well with the deck crew and that means you are doing something right. Great week.

Well, that's about it from the bridge. I loved this week. The water in the BVIs was spectacular, the charter guests were great, the boat had an issue that got solved, and the crew pulled together (minus a couple of personality speed bumps), but was very proud of the job they did for a short turn around and one day charter. Kudos to all. 

So until next week, fair winds and calm seas.

Capt. Lee

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